Thursday, August 25, 2011

Let Second Grade Begin

Well, just as I thought, this morning didn't go too well getting Faith ready for school. She was in tears for most of the time we were getting ready. I tried to sit with her and console her and through her tears she said, "I'm not ready for school." When I asked her why she replied through even more tears, "I want to stay home with you."

It was sad and endearing at the same time. I'm not sure what finally brought her out of her tears but she did calm down as I was fixing her hair. Then when her dad tried to talk to her she told him she was busy getting ready.

Rob and I both got to walk her to school and since her morning aide was nowhere to be seen, I took her downstairs to her classroom. On the way, we ran into several teachers who gave Faith a very warm welcome back to school. She received many compliments on her outfit and her pretty hair. She was smiling and talking and I knew at that point she was going to be fine.

At home, I kept watching the clock and wanting to go get her to see how her day went. Neither of her aides called so I figured that was a good sign. Then finally it was about three o'clock and when I went down to the school she was sitting outside with her afternoon aide and a friend of hers who is also in a chair. When she saw me she yelled, "Mommy!" It was a very happy moment and I was  pleasantly surprised that she didn't look very tired.

She had been a little nervous in the morning after I left but her afternoon aide said she did great and was totally herself. Faith told me some of the things she did in school like doing a puzzle, going to the library and about a few of the other girls in her class. That is my favorite part of the whole day is hearing about hers. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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