Sunday, May 20, 2012

Faith's First Time Fishing

Rob was so excited to take Faith fishing last week. Daddy taking daughter fishing for the first time was the ultimate bonding experience. Faith had been a little sick last week and stayed home from school for a couple of days but thankfully she felt better and went to school on Friday and made it to her field trip. It's a good thing because Rob would have been extremely disappointed if they had missed it!

Faith ended up catching a total of five fish! Two of them were rainbow trout which they threw back right away and the other three were perch which the kids got to hold, touch and feel before throwing them back. She had so much fun! And so did her dad!

Thanks Tina Ding for taking these great pics!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Great GABR Moments

First of all, I'd like to thank the 2012  Faith's Fantastic 12 GABR Team: Becky Eske, Beth Kaylor, Cassie Brazell, Gwen Barone, Julie Jensen, Katie Huizinga, Kent Kaylor, Krysta Wrath, Rob Bousfield, Sarah Hoffman, Tanya Steckler and Brooke Schaff.  

Thanks for riding and for fundraising!

Also, a huge Thank You to all of you who donated to me for Faith's Fantastic 12:
 Mike and Deone Lawlar (Grandpa and Grandma), Cousin Vicki Hammond, Friends Fran Dwelle, The Bitz Family, Tom & Diane Hahn, Michelle Stahl, The Sago Family, Peg Walth, Sandy Bauer, My dear college friends Janee Anez, Resa Hartl, Kristi Holzer and family, Faith's cousins, Sydnee and Kenzie Lawlar, Faith's auntie of sorts, Nicole Samuelson and family, Coworker Blaine Kincaid, Barrett Pharmacy & Variety of Watford City, Centennial Elementary School's staff and students and oh yeah, that mystery man from Marathon Oil!

ALSO thanks to my brother Todd of Todd's Consulting, Inc. - Onsite Oil Well Supervision and Directional Drilling, who sponsors our T-shirts every year!

One of my favorite parts of GABR is seeing many of those we have met along the way in our journey with Faith. I can see why many of the kids with CP and other disabilities compare this day to Christmas because it is like one big get-together with all of their favorite people they have met over the years! It is such a wonderful day and as always, we made many wonderful memories and had some great GABR moments including the announcement at the end of the race that declared they had already beat last year's total amount raised of $300,000!

Captain Cari, Faith and Coworkers from Coventry
Faith and friends from school, Ashley and Paige
The crowd got bigger and bigger throughout the day
Faith and Paige cheer on their kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Steckler
Cousin Beth her husband and Benjamin who loved the bike!
Hey Katie, isn't there a rule about riding and texting?
GABR Stars, Nathan Zent and Tyler Schwab getting interviewed on live TV

Faith's friend Brooklyn stops by to say hi
Ride bikers ride!
Rob rode like this the whole 20 minutes and pedaled the most miles on our team
7.44 which put him in the top 10%!
Faith and Dr. Kevin Murphy, her physiotherapist and GABR founder
Faith and Brittnee who couldn't ride due to a recent bout with the flu but who
drove from Killdeer anyway to show her support!
Krysta gratefully takes a seat and gets fanned to cool off after her ride
Thanks for a great day! Peace out!