Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting Ready for School

Tomorrow is the big day - Faith officially becomes a 2nd grader. We have been spending the last couple of weeks buying school supplies, shopping for school clothes and having fun driving the van around. Then yesterday to help her get emotionally ready for school we read the list of kids in her class and had a little pretend school session at home - of course she wanted to be the teacher! She does say that when she grows up she wants to be a teacher. She definitely has the giving instructions part down.

This morning I agreed to help volunteer at one of the booths for open house so parents could come in and pay lunch money, pay PTO dues, buy spirit wear - things like that. Faith was very patient with me at the booth and it helped when people came over to visit. After we were done with that, we ventured downstairs to meet her teacher and see her classroom. I was thankful that there was an instant connection between Faith and her new teacher. Faith ended up telling her, "You're a good teacher!"

Faith at her custom-made desk in her 2nd grade classroom

We also talked to her special education teacher, a few other teachers who know her, one of her aides, some of her friends and their parents, her music teacher and even a new family who just moved here from Massachusetts.  It was a nice feeling knowing there are so many people at the school who care for Faith and who are genuinely concerned about how she's doing.

While Faith had fun this morning for the few hours we were at the school, the real test will be how she does tomorrow morning. I'm praying she does well.

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