Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Faith Loves Immersed Night of Worship

It can be hard for Faith to try new things. She loves routine, which makes it hard to adjust to change. While that’s true for many us, it can be nearly impossible to get her to try something different. There are some things I just know she’ll love if she’s able to give it a chance. And that’s exactly what happened a couple of years ago with New Life’s Immersed Night of Worship. A lady from the worship team started the monthly event, and even though Faith was a little hesitant about going at first, she has come to truly love it.

At Immersed, Monica simply stands at her keyboard and sings worship music. Those who attend can worship in whatever way they want to - by singing, dancing, sitting quietly, or even lying down. It's a night that the Holy Spirit is free to move and Monica lets the Spirit lead.

Over the past several months, there has been as many as 30-some people filling the small room at the church office. Other times, there has been less than 10. People come with expectant hearts to spend time with the Lord and soak in His presence.

Faith loves it because it's just one voice and one instrument, and not really loud like the worship music can get in a church setting. Faith has memorized many of the songs and she doesn't hold anything back when she's singing along. I can't help but think how much God must absolutely love that! Personally, I think He loves it when we worship with total abandon. You can hear Faith in the video snippet below singing along to a song Monica wrote.

Faith has come to realize that every time we go to worship night (as we call it), it's different every time. A few things are the same - Monica usually does a short teaching or shares something that God has laid on her heart, plus she always asks if anyone has a testimony to share. While some things are the same, the Holy Spirit shows up in different ways each time. Sometimes, it's all very calm and quiet, while at other times, it can get loud and people are clapping and singing praises at the top of their lungs. Oftentimes it ends in people receiving prayer.
At first, Faith was too anxious to take part in things like having people gather around her to pray for her, but as she has become more comfortable, she willingly wants to take part.

Faith loves her friend Monica!

The other night, we did something called a "fire tunnel" where everyone lined up opposite one another forming two lines, forming a "tunnel." Then, one by one, each person walked through, and as they did people reached out and prayed for them.

One time we did the fire tunnel and Faith was too nervous, but the other night she wanted to do it. Rob pushed her through and she had a blast! She also loved seeing everyone else go through it. 

Last month Monica did a Facebook Live version of worship night and Faith has probably watched that video a hundred times! During the most recent Immersed Night of Worship, I recorded the event just so Faith had a new worship video to watch.

Faith loves Immersed Night of Worship so much that she's already looking forward to next month's event!