Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer Recap

It's almost the last day of August and I think pretty much everyone I know is asking, "What in the world happened to summer?" It seems like summer whizzes by faster and faster every year. And at the end of every summer, I find myself feeling sad about not doing the things I had wanted to do once the warmer weather approached. But now as I think about it, there were some very hot days that I was content to stay inside! I think on our hottest day it reached 106 degrees.

Meanwhile, as summer passes us by and my favorite season quickly approaches, here are some fun things we did over the short summer. 

We kicked off the summer celebrating my niece Justine's graduation from high school
We saw an unusual number of rainbows this summer after some very crazy storms
While we didn't go on the Riverboat this year, we at least made it to the river to enjoy the scenery!
Faith was so happy to go to the 4th of July parade this year in Mandan with Grandpa!
Having fun with my friend Kristi and her kids at the parade
We of course made our weekly trips to one of our favorite places - the library
We were so happy to discover our swing was back at Magical Moments playground!
Faith couldn't wait to show Grandma - who we had a lot of fun hanging out with this summer!
That about sums up our summer. One more thing my husband and I have been working hard on all summer long is completing my book, Having Faith. I'm happy to say it will be coming out next month! I invite you to follow my book's Facebook page or follow me on Twitter.

We hope you got a chance to relax during this season and were able to get out and enjoy the summer weather. Here in North Dakota, it's not something we take for granted!