Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some Magical Moments at the Park

All week long, Medcenter One has been holding their pediatric therapy sessions a handicapped-accessible park called Magical Moments. Of course when this was being planned, the weather was going to be a key factor. It turned out to be a beautiful week - perfect for playing in the park

Yesterday, Faith got in her gait trainer like any normal physical therapy session but this time instead of walking down a hallway, she got to walk up some ramps that eventually led to some slides. It was harder than normal because these ramps were at a slight incline and she has never walked uphill before. She worked so hard and as a reward she got to go down the green slide with her physical therapist. She was all smiles!

Faith giving it all she's got

Keep going Faith!
Faith made it to the slide!
Going down the slide!
When Rob and I lived on 7th street, we used to take Faith to this park quite a bit because of the special wheelchair swing it had. The swing is now new and improved and Faith loved it just as much if not more than she used to.

Having so much fun on the swing!
After she was finally done swinging we went home for a feeding and for me to get my bean salad out of the crock pot for our picnic back at the park. The potluck picnic was sponsored by the CP Support Group and it was a great chance to visit with other families and chat with the pediatric therapists - about something else besides therapy!

Time to socialize and eat lots of yummy food!
It was a great day at the park and I know Faith was totally tuckered out because she slept in past 9:00 this morning!

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