Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits - Challenging Mornings and Back to Praying

Oh boy! These last two mornings have been tough ones as far as Faith getting ready for school. Everyone seems sort of perplexed by her behavior. She cries and screams and throws a fit as soon as I start getting her dressed for school. She tells me repeatedly to "Stop it!" I seriously wonder what the neighbors think during all of this. At some point she does calm down but why does she even do it in the first place? Does she seriously think that by throwing a fit we're not going to send her to school?

Both her morning and afternoon aides say that when she is in the classroom she is a little tense and her arms are bent up stiff like she can't totally relax. I'm hoping this will get better as she gets more used to her new classroom. Despite her bits of anxiety, her feedings are going well at school for which I am very grateful. Last year we kept having episodes of gagging and throwing up and we ended up seeing a nutritionist to see if we needed to make any adjustments to her food. We also switched her over from the liquid Senna to Miralax which is working well for her.

Today she got to be the helper of the day or as her teacher calls it, "Top Banana." I mistakenly thought this meant she had to bring snacks for everyone but turns out all the kids bring their own snack, which is different than in kindergarten and first grade. The kids didn't mind having an extra snack! Also she got to bring show and tell. She brought her favorite book, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" and with the help of her teacher even said the words to the book aloud to her classmates!

Anyway, after a couple of such rough mornings getting Faith ready for school, I was so thankful to get back to Moms in Touch and start praying for the kids in school again. I found out that these prayers are needed at Centennial as some of the rooms are nearly over-flowing with new students and there are a shortage of aides. There are also a couple of new students who have special needs. I have been praying for Faith about school but it feels good knowing there is another mom who is praying for her too about the same issues.

During these past few days that Faith has been in school I am discovering just how wonderful it is to have a vehicle at home just waiting for me to drive to Wal-mart to pick up needed supplies or food. Since we got the corroded wire fixed, the van has been running great.

Today was Faith's last physical therapy session at Medcenter for the summer. She has done great in her gait trainer this summer and we'll be getting one at home so we can continue working on that with her here. It would be great to have Faith walk down the hall with me to grab a pop! She'll be getting a new, much more modernized stander as well as she is outgrowing her old one. For some reason, she just won't stop growing - hard to believe she will be eight years old in two months!

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