Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits - Daily Walks and and A Major Fit

I've been trying to take Faith out for walks - to get fresh air for her and exercise for me. We have our little routine that after her first feeding in the morning we go out and about - usually just around the neighborhood. It's a nice time because its not quite so hot - even though some mornings have been humid.

Last week we walked to a friend's house and while sitting on her steps visiting, we noticed the sky starting to get dark then felt sprinkles. It's a good thing she only has one step - that made it easy to get Faith quickly inside. After we got inside, it began to downpour. We ended up extending our visit longer than we had planned because it wouldn't stop raining! Rob ended up having to come get us on his lunch break.

Faith really liked our long visit because she got to spend time with Molly, one of her favorite dogs

 On Saturday, I was excited to finally take Faith to the zoo for the first time since it had re-opened. We really wanted to see the zebras that were visiting from Minot. While going down Washington Street though, it was blocked off and there was a lot of water covering a section of the street. We had to re-route and we made it to the zoo only to find out that parts of it were flooded because of the rains we received the night before.

Some of the walking paths had about 6-8 inches of rain covering them. The zoo worker said our best bet would be to take the train - which we were going to do anyway. (Good thing we have free train tickets due to being a zoo member).

On our train ride, we got to see most of the animals including the zebras, which confused some people because they were located in the reindeer exhibit! We also got to see just how much water the zoo had. The ground is so saturated with water because of the flooded river that the rain had no where to go. It was a little scary when the train went through lots of water.  Faith was a little disappointed that we couldn't make it over to the tigers or otters but I'm sure we'll get there again.

This was the best picture I could take of the zebras while passing by on the train

Going through water while on the train
Yesterday, Faith and I had planned on walking to another friend's house for a visit but it began to rain so we had to reschedule. It turned out to be a very hot, sticky day but Faith still wanted to get out and go to the Healing Rooms - where we go for prayer. After a wonderful prayer time, Faith decided she did not want to leave and threw a fit.

It was so icky outside that all I could think about was getting back to our air-conditioned apartment. This was difficult since Faith was unwilling to get into her car seat. I had her partway in there when her tone kicked in. Her feet were on her footrest and she actually got herself into a standing position. It took a lot of deep breaths on my part to get her somewhat into her seat so that I could at least get the safety belts around her.

She cried all the way home then didn't want to come inside. I knew I was going to have a difficult time getting her out of her car seat and into her chair with her crying - she just isn't bendable when she's having a fit because her tone kicks in and her tone is stronger than me. She said she wanted to wait for daddy to come home but that was going to be another couple of hours. Finally, she managed to calm down enough for me to get her inside.

Needless to say she got a time out and I vowed never to take her to the Healing Rooms again until we get our van! Then I won't have to transfer her in and out of her seat. We are hoping to get it soon - I know I keep saying that but we are just waiting on the bank to disperse the funds to us. But don't worry - as soon as we get it I will be sure to write all about it with pictures included!

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