Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Mystery Girl

Okay, so I've officially given up on trying to get some sleep. Actually, I did manage to get about 20 minutes of shut-eye while Faith was being mesmerized by Caillou. Faith and I have been up since 5:00 this morning. To make matters worse she didn't fall asleep until 11:00 last night. She has a cold and when she has a cold she just doesn't get much sleep. Unless, I found out today, she is at school.

I took her to school this morning because she was laughing her head off at Bert and Ernie on one of her DVDs and she seemed pretty chipper, despite her plugged up nose. So then about an hour after bringing her to school, I get a phone call from her aide saying her teacher suggested that Faith come home because she was dozing off in her chair. Faith? Falling asleep in her chair? What? It was hard to believe.

When I got her home, I tried twice to get her to take a nap but to no avail and now, at 3:00 p.m. she is still wide awake, just as happy as can be. Sometimes my daughter is a mystery to me.

We are still working out some of her digestion issues. She hadn't had a BM all last weekend so finally on Sunday night we gave her an enema and it did its job. She has had regular BM's since then - hopefully it stays that way.

As for me, I still haven't heard any news about my holter monitor reading. I'm going to try to e-mail my cardiologist to see if he needs to see me next month or not. Thanks everyone, for all of the prayers for me as well as continued prayers for Faith. We know God is hearing them!


  1. I hope you are getting some sleep now. Isaac doesn't sleep much with a cold either. I've had a 30 day holter monitor before because I have PVC's, but the doc says I'm OK. It wasn't fun though. I hope the results turn out OK.

  2. Colleen - thanks for your comment. Can't imagine having a holter for 30 days! I haven't found out the results yet because the pacemaker clinic I went to forgot to have me sign a piece of paper to transfer the readings to the Mayo Clinic, where my cardiologist is. I'm not all that worried because I've been feeling pretty good.