Monday, September 6, 2010

Exercising with Faith

Move over Denise Austin!
About three years ago, on New Year's Day I decided 2007 was the year I was going to start exercising on a regular basis. So, like many others who had made the same resolution, I ran to Wal-Mart and bought the latest exercise DVD. It was a dance/exercise video with Denise Austin. I later purchased her Boot Camp one as well. I had no idea at the time I began the exercises that Faith would want to watch the DVDs for entertainment. And really, if you think about, it makes sense. Lot of repetition with lots of counting - just right for kids!

Because Faith has watched them so many times, she pretty much has them memorized. This can be sort of comical like the time she went to preschool and told her speech therapist to squeeze her buttocks. Or like when I took Faith to physical therapy and she told Jackie she was ready to do her active isolated stretches. Jackie was pretty impressed!

When Faith isn't in the mood to do her stretches at home, she gets motivated when I pretend to be Denise Austin. I tell her, "you're strong, you're fit, show your power!" She rolls right along with it and while doing a tough hamstring stretch, she yells, "Four seconds left - I'll look great in a bathing suit!"

There are some things she gets a little mixed up, like instead of a "downward facing dog" it's a downward facing doll" which probably makes more sense to her. For the most part though, she's yelling all of the words right along with Denise. She especially likes the "shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, squat and lift" part.

When I am actually exercising along with exercise videos, Faith, not Denise is my biggest cheerleader. "Abs are tight mommy - you're a fat burning furnace!"

Lately, Faith has been asking to watch them again - I think she's trying to tell me something!

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