Thursday, March 24, 2011

Faith's TV Interview

Today was the big day - Faith's first visit to a television station, meeting Marci Narum and doing a TV interview - all to represent the Great American Bike Race (GABR).

When we got to KXMB, we were greeted by a few staff members and chatted for a bit. This is when I found out they were expecting me to be on TV with Faith. I really, really didn't want to be on TV. So we asked Faith what she wanted and she said, "Just me! Just me!" Apparently she wanted all the limelight to herself. Then, someone offered to get us some water but when she brought Faith's water in a Styrofoam cup with a straw, she refused to drink it because it was not HER cup. I think she has this star thing down!

A little while later, Beth Thune (co-manager of GABR) came in and while we waited for Marci we were talking with Donell Preskey, another reporter, about Faith's therapy. I mentioned that we purposely moved here from Watford City so she could get her therapy services without having to drive so far. Donnell asked if I knew a certain couple who lived in the Watford City area and I told her he is my dad's cousin. After finding out my maiden name, she said, "I'm a Lawlar too!" Turns out we are second cousins or something like that - what a small state!

Anyway, after being introduced to Marci, we ventured into the tiny studio area. (It looks so big on TV). They put a ramp leading up to the set and as I pushed Faith up the ramp, she sort of panicked. I don't think she was expecting such bright lights. So during the actual interview, she was a little tense and nervous but she did answer Marci's question about her team being called Faith's Fantastic 12. The interview was short and sweet and after it was all over, Faith yelled, "I did it!"

Faith did great - she did her best and that's all we can ask of her. Once again, Rob and I are so very proud of her. The interview will be airing Wednesday, March 30 on KXMB's Noon Show. Be sure to tune in and be sure to support the Great American Bike Race!

Faith, Beth Thune and Marci Narum at KXMB

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