Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Faith's First Official Snow Day

I think today is Faith's first official snow day. There have been days we have kept her out of school because of the weather but never because the schools were closed. I remember a couple of storms while she was in preschool and I was like, "I'm not taking my daughter out in this."

This year there were a couple of days before she started riding the bus that it was just way too cold to walk her to school. Even though this storm was pretty bad, I was still a little surprised Bismarck had actually called off school! Faith was very excited! Rob - not so much as he still had to try to get to work.

Our parking lot this morning.
I watched him from a window in our hallway as he got our Hyundai out of the parking lot and thought he was actually going to make it. About half an hour later he came inside and said he got stuck after disappearing from my sight as he turned onto Ithica. Thankfully, a good'ol North Dakota boy with a four-wheel drive pickup bailed him out. After getting the car back to the parking lot he called in to work to see who could give him a ride.

I was a little bummed that Faith and I wouldn't be making it to her TV interview for the KXMB noon show. Thankfully, Marci Narum was gracious enough to reschedule the interview for tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be cleared out by then!

Trees across the street laden with heavy, wet snow
This afternoon, Faith and I ventured downstairs to the lobby to do some puzzles and do some of her homework. We also went to our new friend's apartment to visit her and her dog, Tucker - a little dachshund/poodle that Faith really likes. Tucker knows when Faith goes to school and when she comes home because he sees the bus outside the window. He always wants to come to the lobby to give her a kiss! He is a sweet little dog. And that's as far as we got today!

Even though we were excited about having a snow day, it turned out to be pretty mundane. Hopefully this will be the one and only for the year!

Hangin' out in the lobby

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