Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Faith the Radio Star

Today Faith and I both got to do something new together - go to a radio station and do a voice over for a GABR radio ad. I was a little nervous and wasn't too crazy about having my voice aired over five local radio stations. And Faith wasn't crazy about the idea of going somewhere after school besides home. She reiterated this fact all the way to Mandan saying, "I just want to go home."

After meeting Kim there (the Medcenter communications director) and the radio guy, we all squeezed into a little room with lots of buttons and a big microphone. I had about four lines to say and I guess it went well considering I did it in two takes. Faith must have forgotten all about home because after I was done she cheered for me saying, "YAYYY!" Then, "My turn, my turn!"

She was not one bit nervous or scared when she stepped, or wheeled, up to the microphone. We told her what she needed to say and she said, "NO, I can't do it." When we encouraged her that she could she said her line but she was sort of laughing and it wasn't very clear. We asked her to do it again and she said, "Do it for the kids!"

The radio guy, Kim and I all cheered and told her she did so great! Then, as usual when she does something that she's proud of, she wanted to rush home to tell her dad all about it. It's so much fun to see her enjoying her GABR Star experience!

Oh and by the way, be sure to listen for the GABR ad on any Cumulus Broadcasting radio station...FOX 96.5, Cool 98.7, Hot 97.5, Country 103.3 and Super Talk 1270.

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