Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gearing up for GABR

It's hard to believe that the Great American Bike Race (GABR) is only a month away! We have been involved in this event since 2008 when I formed a team called "Faith's Rockin' Riders" with some ladies at Laducer where I worked.

In 2009 we sort of took a break since we were in the process of moving from our old apartment to our current, accessible one but Rob did still ride on MedEquip One's Team.

Last year we formed Faith's Fantastic 10 which consisted mostly of our friends. And this year we are gearing up again but with a slightly different name - Faith's Fantastic 12 since we had to expand our team to 12 riders instead of 10! So now there are 1,200 riders taking part in the event instead of just 1,000!

GABR 2008
GABR 2009
GABR 2010

We are especially excited this year because Faith, along with her friend, Tanner are GABR Stars this year! GABR stars help to promote this huge fundraising event which means their  pictures are seen everywhere! Faith is pretty excited about it, especially having her photo on the cover of Inside Medcenter One - which is Medcenter's monthly publication.

On March 30 she will be interviewed on the noon show on KXMB. She'll be there along with Beth Thune, one of the co-managers of this year's race. I am a little anxious about that as I have no idea what Faith is going to act like or what is going to come out of her mouth! She can be pretty unpredictable! She will also be seen live on the day of the race on KFYR as they present her with her own GABR jacket. KFYR does a live one-hour broadcast from noon to 1:00 on race day which is Saturday, April 9th.

Feel free to check out my fundraising page and if you are able, please support this awesome event that raises money for kids with cerebral palsy and related disabilities. Funds use go towards equipment, services and making homes and vehicles accessible for these kids. We were able to get a $2,500 adaptive car seat through GABR and also Faith's iPAD. If you aren't able to donate, I completely understand and would appreciate your prayers that this event goes smoothly and that there are no injuries to any of the riders (as has happened in the past.)

By the way, our thanks to my brother Todd for sponsoring our team once again which covers the cost of our personalized t-shirts, complete with our team logo designed by our friend Liza Kessel!

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