Friday, December 17, 2010

Some Progress

We recently received Faith's report card of sorts called, "Annual Goals, Short-Term Objectives, and Periodic Review of Services." Which basically lets us know how Faith is doing with her therapies and special education/academics at school. These are the goals that we set up for her at the beginning of the year when we did her Individual Education Plan (IEP).
Getting ready for school
 I was so happy to see that in each area, she is making "some progress." In Occupational Therapy, they have been working on self-feeding. This has been a challenge for her as it involves fine motor skills. She does have some high tone in her arms so she has to work through that in order to bring the spoon directly to her mouth. Her therapist in this ares says that Faith does fatigue during this exercise but that she is really motivated to work hard.

One of our goals is for Faith to begin to read. I am so proud of her that she knows all of her letter sounds and at school they are trying to get her to recognize her first set of sight words. Faith is more auditory than visual so one thing they are doing to help her learn to read is to mount a laptop computer to her chair. The computer has all of the reading materials that her class uses which enables her to not only see the text but to hear it as well. She is then able to push her buttons to turn the pages on her own.

Another area she is working on is physical therapy which involves walking in her gait trainer and also driving her power chair. Her goal is to drive from her classroom up to the gym in as fast as time as possible, with the least amount of stops. There are a few times she has gone the whole distance without any stops! Another improvement she has made is that she no longer just drives around in circles!

Besides all of these activities, she also has speech, time in her stander, computer lab, library, music, and time in her classroom. What a busy little girl she is! No wonder she doesn't want to do anything or go anywhere when she gets home!
I am so thankful for all of the help that Faith receives at school and that each person there is doing their best to help Faith reach her fullest potential. Both Rob and I are so proud of her!

Faith lying on the floor relaxing with her iPAD

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