Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Christmas is over. The joyous holiday ends once again, just as it does every year. And now we will all try to catch up a little before celebrating the start of a New Year.

The holidays continue the day after Christmas in Canada with Boxing Day. So on Boxing Day we tried to communicate via Internet with Rob's parents and sister. Unfortunately, Skype no longer works for us, which we aren't sure why, so we resorted to using Yahoo Messenger. It wasn't as good as Skype but it did the trick. We got to see Grandmother and Grandfather, Auntie Johanna and even Joh's new cat, Ruby. When we asked Faith if she liked Ruby, she answered very honestly, "No I don't like that cat." We think she is partial to Joh's other cat, Lucy, whom Faith has actually met in person.

Talking to Auntie Joh
Also on Sunday, Rob had fun putting Faith's Toy Story 3 Train set together. Yes, I did say Rob had fun. Faith had only mild interest. She would rather play her new card game with her mom. If you look at the picture of the completed train, you will notice the blue train tracks. These tracks did not come with the Lego train set. In fact, no tracks came with the train set! Thankfully Rob still has his Lego tracks for the train set he had when he was a kid! I really had my doubts this new Toy Story train would be drivable on these old tracks, but it worked!

Building the Toy Story 3 Lego train set

Yesterday, Rob had to go back to work and Faith and I had a visit from my sister Tesa, her husband and two boys. As soon as the kids saw Faith's Toy Story toys, they were all over them! They had a nice pit stop on their way from Pierre, South Dakota where they started out that morning to Watford City. They plan to go home to Lincoln, Nebraska on Sunday the 2nd, all in one shot. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for them!

Faith is still not yet fully over her sickness. This morning she was coughing and still sounding very congested. She also has a slight fever of 99.2. I called the doctor today to see if I need to take her in again. She is already on day seven of her antibiotic. I just thought she would be more recovered than she is at this stage. I'm still waiting for the doctor's office to call me back. I'm hoping her pediatrician will call me this evening, which he sometimes does. If not, I suppose I can try again tomorrow.

We are supposed to be getting a big storm this week with 12 inches of snow. If it's true, I guess we'll just hunker down as we always do and wait for the New Year to arrive!

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