Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits: BURR, Bison Football and A Visit from Grandpa

The cold weather this past weekend pretty much kept us indoors. I would have loved to take Faith out to do some shopping but with her being all bundled up and her current growth spurt, it makes it harder to transfer her out of her chair into her seating system in our car. Oh how I am praying for a van by next winter!

On Saturday Faith and I watched the exciting but heartbreaking NDSU football game as they played Eastern Washington in the quarterfinals for their NCAA division. It was a great game and Faith had fun laughing at me as I yelled, cheered, jumped and danced. Every time I got excited she yelled, "Did you win yet mommy?"

Unfortunately no, I didn't win as the Bison lost in overtime. Oh well! They had a great season, one in which they weren't expected to get so far.

NDSU during one of the many highlights of the game
We did manage to get the rest of our Christmas decorating done, which includes our little Christmas tree that has survived the last five years or so. We also achieved our major goal of getting our gifts and cards sent off to Canada so that they arrive by Christmas Day. Usually we are late as I don't get in the mood for cards and gifts until mid-December!

Our cute little Christmas tree
On Sunday, we had a great family day as we hooked up Faith's buttons to the PlayStation 3 and played Wheel of Fortune! It was so much fun and I can see an improvement in Faith knowing what buttons to push and when to push them. She's great at spinning the wheel and she loves to buy vowels!

That evening, Grandpa Mike showed up bearing lots of gifts! He joined us for supper and of course we heard lots of stories about all the oilfield activity in Western North Dakota. He said many of the workers that had come here from the south left because of the winter weather. They are very short-handed and the people who do work and stay to work end up working very long days. Dad had just worked a 17-hour day in his truck the day before driving down to Bismarck.

We had a great visit, although Faith and Grandpa had to compete for talking time! The next morning, I got to join dad and my aunt Gail for breakfast at Perkins so it was fun to catch up with her as well.

Faith and Grandpa enjoying some bonding time
Have a blessed week everyone and be sure to stay warm!

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