Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Ducky

Faith has the sweetest, kindest, most generous instructional aides EVER! Recently, the school's 6th graders held their annual rummage sale. I of course forgot to send money along for Faith to buy something so her aides took it upon themselves to buy something for her.

During the winter, I normally put these little pink booties on over Faith's orthotics to keep her feet warm, but this year they were pretty tight and hard to get on. The booties are soft and have Velcro on the sides so they were easy to get on her feet even over her orthotics. I can't find any boots like that anywhere and it's impossible to get regular boots on over her orthotics. Well, thankfully her aides found the perfect solution to keep her little feet warm this winter!

Her new slippers are just ducky!

Everyone gets a real kick out of Faith's duck slippers!


  1. Those are by far some of the cutest thing's I've seen! She's very blessed to have such generous aides. I know it must be difficult finding boots for her. I'm pretty sure you can find some online that are specially made. I looked on a website because I saw this post, and there's a thread that asks about shoes for kids with splits and orthotics. A place called 'Clarks' is specialized in such shoes. Here's the thread where they talk about it, maybe it can be of some help for future needs.