Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sick Days

This week has been quite the week with Faith missing three days of school due to being sick. She started getting sick on Sunday and didn't sleep well at all that night so I kept her home on Monday. Tuesday she actually seemed to be getting better and I was hopeful about her going to school on Wednesday so she take take part in all of the pre-Christmas festivities at school. But Tuesday night was a horrible night for sleep and we both ended up sleeping until 11 the next morning to catch up.

Yesterday I finally took her to the doctor and here she has not only a sinus infection but an ear infection as well. Poor girl! So of course now I am kicking myself for not taking her in sooner. The the thing with Faith though is that even though she is sick, she doesn't act sick. She's still smiley, still laughing and yelling, still her cheery self. If I had a sinus infection and an ear infection, Lord knows I would be anything but cheery! And even when she just has a simple cold, she doesn't sleep well. But Tuesday night I knew something was wrong when she not only didn't sleep well but she cried a lot throughout the night.

It was kind of cute when we did go to the doctor. She was actually excited about going. She thought she was going to see Dr. Ocejo though, whom she just loves but we couldn't get in with him so we had to go to the walk-in clinic. We told her it was going to be a surprise who we got to see.

We got in fairly quickly and the nurse who took our info was actually one of the nurses who helped take care of her in the NICU. She seemed glad to see how much Faith had grown and how well she was doing. After the nurse took her temp and turned to her computer to input the information, Faith beat her to the punch by asking, "Any medications?" The nurse laughed and said, "Wow, she knows the drill!"

Later, a very subdued, very laid-back Dr. walked in and the first thing he said to her in a very monotonous voice was, "Hi, Faith. I'm not as exciting as Dr. Ocejo." Boy was that the truth! Dr. Ocejo usually laughed with Faith, joked around with her, tickled her, even head-butted her but not this guy! He was the anti-Dr. Ocejo! Faith still seemed to like him though., especially after he complimented her on how well she spoke.

After we received our diagnoses and got our prescription for antibiotics, we ventured down to Pediatric Therapy and got to hand out a few Christmas cards to the receptionists and a few of Faith's therapists. We also had a nice talk with our friend, Jacey. If anyone can turn a Dr. appointment into a fun thing, it's Faith!

After we got home, Faith wanted to play on her computer keyboard so she could pretend to be a nurse and put in my information. She asked, "What's your first name? Can you spell that? And your phone number?" She would make a great receptionist one day!

So, our getting ready for Christmas has been on hold for this week and I guess we'll see how Faith feels these next couple of days before deciding to do things like going to church and going to a friends house for Christmas dinner.

As of right now, I'm having a nice, relaxing time catching up on my blog and other writing while respite care is here to take care of her. I'm listening to my new Susan Boyle "The Gift" Christmas CD. It's really good and has many of my all-time favorites, including Do You Hear What I Hear, The First Noel, O Holy Night and Away in a Manger.

The Gift


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