Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wild Wednesday

Ever since Faith stopped going to therapy at Medcenter last fall, I felt like we haven't been running around so much. It's actually been kind of nice. But now today I was reminded of how our days of running used to be and how we managed with only one vehicle.

This morning we had to get Rob to work then Faith had an appointment at Medcenter. We had about an hour before her appointment so Faith and I hung out at the library for a little bit. She picked out a Curious George book and I found a Roxanne Henke book I haven't read yet. Then we checked out The Red Rooster cafe which is located right in the library. I enjoyed a  delicious iced mocha and Faith had what else? Ice cream!

Then it was time for Faith's appointment. She had a mild meltdown in the waiting room and continued to cry when the nurse came in to get her temp.  She was nervous because she knew someone was going to be looking at her Mic-key button, which was the reason for the appointment. By the time the physician's assistant came in, however she had calmed down. The PA checked Faith's button and sure enough it was looser than normal because there wasn't very much water left in the little balloon that holds the button in her tummy.

The PA said there may have been a microscopic hole in the balloon part which allowed the water to leak out. I am so thankful we went in to have it checked. We would have been able to deal with it if it popped out at home, but it is scarier if it happens at school or with a respite care provider.

Afterwards, we made a trip home so Faith could have a feeding and a chance to relax a little before heading off to hydrotherapy. She had a blast swimming in the pool today. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures because in the midst of making sure I had packed her swimsuit, swimming diaper, extra briefs, plastic bags, Faith's hand splints, orthotics and her tennis shoes, I forgot I had left the SD card in my computer. For some reason, I can't store any photos on my camera itself. Hopefully next time, I'll get pictures - she looks so happy and relaxed when she's swimming in the pool

After hydro, she had physical therapy where she got in the gait trainer and did great! She took about 30 steps. Afterwards, she was pretty tuckered out. As soon as we got home, we had to start another feeding.

And now after respite care gets her, Rob will be home then I'll be off to hear Abby Johnson and some other pro-life speakers at a public forum at the Doublewood. It should be really interesting. While I'm doing that, Rob is going to be cheering hard for the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup tonight. They play in Vancouver and haven't lost a game in this series yet at home.

All in all it has been kind of a wild day and I'm looking forward to getting back to our somewhat normal routine tomorrow!

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