Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Afternoon at Hydro and Physical Therapy

A typical Wednesday afternoon for Faith...

Faith getting her stretches in the pool
Faith uses a wet noodle to help kick her legs behind her while working to keep her head up
After all that work, it's time to relax a little
Faith has come a long way since her first day in the pool when she screamed during the whole half-hour session. Rob had to get in there with her the next time then after that she was fine and started to have fun in the pool.

After we get out of the pool, I hurry and get her dressed so she's ready for her physical therapy session. One of the reasons she has hydro first is so that her muscles are more relaxed enabling her to use them more effectively in physical therapy.

Look how tall Faith is standing in her gait trainer! And notice her new tennis shoes!

Faith in her gait trainer taking some steps

Even though it is hard work, Faith really does enjoy her physical therapy sessions - as you can tell in this picture! I know one reason she enjoys it is because she has such great people who work with her.
Now after such a busy, active day, Faith will hopefully get a great night's sleep!


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