Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Good News and My Magic Mocha

Despite mine and Faith's major lack of sleep this past couple of days due to her bad cold, which became progressively worse on Wednesday night, we are relieved and happy because of the good news we recently received. In my last blog, I asked for prayers for Faith as she was going to be getting her hip x-rays taken. Just a day later we received a phone call saying that there has been "no significant change" in her left hip. Her last x-ray had been taken in May so in six months the hip has not come any further out of its socket. Thank You Lord, for answering our prayers!

Faith has stayed home these past couple of days due to her cold which I think is turning into a sinus infection so we picked up some antibiotics today. Hopefully she'll recover 100% by Monday so she can make it to school all three days next week. I haven't minded staying indoors as the temperature has gotten steadily colder. I don't think it even hit 20 degrees today.

With the onset of winter, I thought I would share one of my favorite drinks - I call it My Magic Mocha. Hope it helps you stay warm!

I use an extra large mug that holds about 12 oz for this mocha.

My Magic Mocha
Make two cups of coffee.

Spoon your favorite hot chocolate into a large mug
(measure how much hot chocolate that you would use with two cups of water.)

Poor the coffee into the mug so it's nearly full. Stir.

Add half and half or milk. Stir.

Add whip cream.

Drizzle chocolate syrup over the whip cream.


1 comment:

  1. Your Magic Mocha sounds amazing. I'll have to make some, this weekend, and try it out. Your daughter sounds like she has what I'm just getting over. I've had a sinus infection/cold for the past week. The medicine, my doctor gave me, has already cleared the cold away. So hopefully your daughter will be feeling better soon.
    I'm so glad to hear that the x-rays came back well. That's such a relief, thank God indeed.
    God bless you both. I hope Faith gets better soon, and that you both get some sleep.