Tuesday, November 2, 2010

School Days

Faith is doing so well in school and I am just so proud of her! When I take her to school in the mornings, she arrives with excitement, practically bursting at the seams to say good morning to both of her aides. Then she'll briefly turn toward me, blow me a kiss and we part our separate ways. I have no worries, no fears, no concerns...I know she'll do great.

Then, after the morning and early afternoon has quickly passed, I return to school to get her and she greets me with a big smile, yelling out, "Mommy!" She's had a good day but she is ready to go home and relax. As I begin to push her home in her chair, she usually exclaims, "I had such a fun day at school today!" She then proceeds to tell me some of the things she has done which includes: calendar, reading, math, snack, driving her chair and any other special activities of the day. She also tells me about some of her friends who have helped her throughout the day. When she's done she'll say, "So how was your day mommy? What did you do?"

I love that she is talking so much about school and all that she is learning. When I hear all about her day, it gives me comfort knowing that we made the right decision to pull her out of her afternoon therapy sessions at Medcenter. I really believe she has added energy and she can put forth all of her efforts at school.

She is doing excellent with full days, five days a week - another decision that we know is right. It gives her more time to socialize with the other kids and participate in everything a full school day has to offer. She is not left out of anything. It's amazing to us that she has only missed a couple days of school so far. We pray this trend continues throughout the year.

I really like to hear from her aides things that she says or does throughout the day - like deciding that she wants to participate in snack time. If the snack looks good, she'll ask her aide if she can have some too. She can't eat everything that is brought to school, so if she wants a snack, they'll come up with something else, like her new favorite - gogurt. They are always so willing at the school to allow her to participate, try some new things and make sure all of her needs are met.

I really get a kick out of listening to Faith when she's home. She repeats a lot what is said in school. Like the time she was telling me a story and I turned my head away for a brief second and she asked, "Mommy are you being an active listener?" And when she wants to play a game she says, "Mommy are you going to buddy up with me?"

Last night she said she wanted to do math before she went to bed. Her math problem revolved around four ducks and after one duck was gone, how many were left. She did give the right answer but I believe her answer came from memory more than from figuring it out on her own. Which is fine because I believe she is starting to understand the concepts of math and reading and one day she will be able to understand and comprehend and figure them out instead of relying on her memory.

I remember as a little girl, going home and playing teacher with my sisters and how much fun we had. That's what Faith is reminding me of. She wants to come home and play school and I just love that! Words cannot express how proud I am of her. These school days are some of the most treasured days of all.

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