Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

I must say, after the long weekend, I am feeling a bit guilty. We didn't have too much going on so we mainly stayed indoors and I let Faith watch way too many videos. When Sunday finally rolled around, she was bored and a bit cranky. Before having kids, I always told myself I would not be one of those moms who lets the TV babysit their kids. Things sure turn out differently when you actually have kids!

When Faith comes home from school, that is all she feels like doing. She is so tired from her long day, which not only includes classroom time but also working hard with her special education teacher, driving her power chair and any other therapies she might have for the day. By the time she gets home, she is spent. I don' feel as guilty letting her watch so many videos after school but over the Thanksgiving long weekend, I am going to try hard to limit her video-watching time and find other things for us to do.

Last Friday I took her to the doctor because her nose had been sort of stuffy for the last two weeks. Personally, I think its because all four of her molars coming in at the same time. But I've never known a pediatrician to say that teeth issues are the cause of anything but a little bit of discomfort. She ended up getting the flu mist and now she has a full blown cold. So now I'm wondering if she's reacting to the flue mist or if she caught a bug at the doctor's office or what. He did give us a prescription when we were there for some antibiotics in case her cold symptoms worsened into a fever, coughing, etc. Hopefully though, she'll be just fine and we won't need to fill it. Thankfully, she slept well last night despite her cold.

Before her appointment, we had time to go to pediatric therapy to visit one of the receptionists and we also saw her physical therapist, Jackie. She was so excited to hear how well Faith is driving her power chair at school! It was great to see her but she agreed we had made the right decision by taking Faith out of therapy at Medcenter to focus on things at school.

Tomorrow we're going to be getting Faith's hips x-rayed. We are really praying there hasn't been a lot of change in her left hip, which is starting to come out of its socket due to her high muscle tone pulling it out of place. If her hip looks worse than what her last x-ray showed, we will probably have to consider getting the baclofen pump sooner rather than later. I'm really nervous about getting the pump which is a device that allows medicine to be injected into her spine to help relax her muscles.

Until The Whole World HearsOther than all of that, I just listened to the newest Casting Crowns CD, Until the Whole World Hears. If you like worship music, I highly recommend getting this one!

Have a blessed week and please continue to keep Faith in your prayers.


  1. I was passing through the blogs, and I cam across yours. Your blog is very touching. You have a kind and strong heart, from what I've read. I can't imagine the things you must pull through, yet you still stay strong. That's very admirable. Your daughter is adorable; I smiled when I saw her picture. I'm going to follow your blog. I'd like to hear how things are going. Stay strong, and God bless.

  2. I was better with my first son about the TV, but I have really caved with my second son;) So, as I try to reign it in a little bit...he is resistant for some reason...I told him he was going to become TV Ted if he didn't watch less television. He says, "No, Mom!"

  3. Your daughter is a precious little soul, be gentle with her ...

  4. Denaus - thank you so much for your beautiful comment - I really appreciate it. From just your comment I can tell you have the gift of writing - I look forward to following your blog as well.