Monday, March 29, 2010

A Poopalogical Emergency

So there I was on Saturday at a women's prayer breakfast thoroughly enjoying the speaker when my friend's cell phone starts ringing. I briefly wondered if it was my husband. I had left him home with Faith. Moments later I find out that yes indeed it was my husband. During a song in the middle of the speaker's presentation, I sneaked outside to the hallway to give him a call. He didn't sound panicky or anxious, he was just wondering if I could get home as soon as possible. I told him the speaker was almost done and we would try to rush out as soon as we could.

As I made my way back to my table, I wondered what was happening. He had said Faith was fine and he sounded fine so why would I need to come home right away? I tried not to fret about it and tried to focus my attention on what the speaker was saying. She had an incredible testimony about how God's love healed her after several catastrophic events in her life including having an abortion, getting arrested for shop lifting, her twin brother's suicide and her husband being away for five years while she raised her kids ages 6,5 and 4.

I felt compelled to stay for the closing prayer and then we were outta there. We rushed ahead of the nearly 600 ladies in attendance and made it out of the parking lot without having to wait very long. As Sandy and I sang "Mighty to Save" along to the radio, I still wondered what could possibly be going on.

I rushed upstairs, flew through the door and found a relatively calm husband with a little girl on the bathroom floor lying on her blue foam matts, no clothes on, covered in towels, happily watching a video on her PlayStation portable. Then Rob explained, "she got poop everywhere and needs a bath."

THAT was the emergency?? That Faith pooped? Okay, so granted Rob was not feeling well and Faith was having diarrhea because of the antibiotics she was on and yes she did get poop on the living room floor, on Rob's clothes and on her clothes. I can see why my husband, who was not used to these messes, felt a little overwhelmed by it all. Clearly, he had forgotten those four years when he stayed home with Faith and dealt with this sort of thing all the time!

I guess I was thankful that it was nothing worse - that it wasn't an actual emergency. With this thought in mind, I proceeded to start up the washing machine, get the poop stain out of the carpet and last but not least put my daughter in the tub!

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