Sunday, August 11, 2013

Special Times with Special Friends

Over the last week, we have had a chance to see and visit with some very special friends. Our string of visits started last weekend when we traveled to Hazen to visit with some friends that Rob and I have both known since before we were married. While living in Watford City, there was just Tuck, Greta and their son Kaden but since then, their amazing family has expanded to three more boys and a girl.

It was a beautiful drive and it was great seeing the haying season in full swing with lots of golden hay bales dotting the thousands of acres of farmland.

While visiting and seeing their new home (they just moved there from Washburn), we found out that they are now attending church at New Life in Beulah, which means we are all part of the same church family! (The New Life church in Bismarck is an extension of the church in Beulah.) It was great hearing about their Junior Bible Quiz adventures including driving all the way to Texas for the national competition. It was obvious that Aubryn loved having another little girl around as she got out all of her necklaces, bracelets and princess crowns to show Faith.
The Bousfields with the Sago kids
My next visit was seeing some friends I had roomed with in college. Both of them are agricultural education teachers - Keri in Powers Lake and Mary in Bowman. Me and Mary were randomly thrown together as roommates in Dinan Hall at NDSU in 1992. Keri lived just down the hall and in our sophomore years, we all got an apartment together. They have annual ag ed workshops in Bismarck so I get to see them at least once a year!

We had a great supper at Texas Roadhouse then enjoyed the beautiful evening by taking a walk down by the river. We had lots of fun reminiscing about our college years and talking about our current jobs, family life and how much things have changed in the last 20 years!
A great time with college roomies!
Faith with Mary and Keri
We also had a great visit with our friends, Kimberly and Matt who now have a little baby boy! We met Kimberly about six years ago when she did respite care for an agency here in Bismarck. She helped us with Faith for about three years before she got married and they moved to her home state of Kansas.

Faith was quiet all morning before Kimberly and her family came over. She had a lot of mixed emotions - she was so excited to see Kimberly but a little apprehensive about the baby. But as soon as Faith saw Kimberly, she was all smiles and excitedly yelled, "Kimberly!" Faith was so excited she could hardly contain herself, she was literally shaking. 
Look who's visiting from Kansas!
After the initial excitement Faith turned her attention towards the baby. She said she wanted to try to hold the baby but we needed her to calm down a little first. Eventually, I sat on the couch with Faith and Kimberly put the baby on her lap. Gunnar was very curious about Faith and reached up to touch her face - Faith didn't know quite what to think of that or about the baby noises he was making. She really, truly is not used to having a baby around.

The visit went very well and Gunnar even ended up taking a nap in Faith's bed while the rest of us had lunch. We are so thankful that even though Kimberly, Matt and the baby are three states away, we can still keep in touch and see them when they come to North Dakota. Of course someday we would love to visit them in Kansas too!
Faith liked Gunnar but it's obvious she sill loves Kimberly!
We are so blessed with such wonderful friends and are glad for our chance to see each and every one of them when the opportunity arises! 

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