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Faith's Mom's Blog Top 12 of 2012

I thought it would be interesting to see what blog posts in 2012 had the most views. I was a little surprised by the post that was visited the most. I was also very proud that the guest post written by my father-in-law made the top 12, in fact it almost made number one!

I had a big surge of views during the month of December. In fact, four of the posts I put up that month ended up getting more page views than the posts I had written at the beginning and middle of 2012. I wrote 42 posts during 2012 and here are Faith's Mom's Blog top 12 of 2012:

Number 12 - Good News About Faith's Hips publish date: 2-25-12
It's Saturday morning and after a busy, somewhat stressful work week, I can finally take a moment to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while doing some writing. Sitting here, I am reflecting on the wonderful news we received on Wednesday. Faith's left hip has not pulled out any further from its socket! Read More

Number 11 - Conscious Sedation - A New Experience for Our Brave Girl publish date: 1-6-12
I am so very proud of both Rob and Faith. I only wish I could have been there with them. Today was a new experience as Faith's medical providers used conscious sedation while administering her botox shots. Read More

Number 10 - A 40th Wedding Anniversary publish date 6-17-12
On June 3rd of this year, my parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. It wasn't until this past weekend, however, that they were able to celebrate the momentous occasion with their five kids, eight grandchildren and a few of their siblings as well. Read More

Number 9 - My Ten Favorite Christmas Songs publish date 12-23-12 
Christmas music has been playing now for about a month or so but honestly, I think it could play all year long as far as I'm concerned. I love the beautiful lyrics about the baby born in a manger; some of them written hundreds of years ago. While the traditional ones about Jesus are my favorite, there are a few Christmas songs that I really have fun listening to - and singing along with! Read More

Number 8 - Faith's Fun Week at School publish date 11-30-12
At least once a year, Faith's school has a fun week where there is a theme each day on how to dress. When Rob was getting Faith ready in the mornings, he really didn't put too much effort into making sure Faith was dressed according to the theme of the day. I used to love having these fun weeks at school and I loved getting Faith ready each day this week. Read More

Number 7 - Merry Christmas from Faith's Mom's Blog publish date 12-25-12
This is a slideshow I put together using Smilebox. It includes several photos I took throughout the month of December, of our family and around Bismarck. View the Slideshow

Number 6 - Christmas Festivities Galore publish date 12-10-12
This season is known as the most wonderful time of the year and probably the busiest time of the year as well. Along with starting Christmas shopping, putting up our tree and thinking about getting our Christmas cards ready, we have taken part in some great Christmas events. Read More

Number 5 - Give the Gift of a Wheelchair publish date 12-16-12
As with most kids in this country who have a physical impairment, our daughter has access to one of the most basic necessities of a handicapped child - a wheelchair. But for those disabled children in third-world or communist countries, many children with cerebral palsy or similar disabilities cannot so easily attain a a much-needed chair that offers the simple gift of mobility. Read More

Number 4 - The Baclofen Pump Decision publish date 7-13-12
Even though Faith's x-rays have shown that her hips are stable and have not come any further out of her sockets (especially her left hip), we decided to move forward with getting the baclofen pump. We felt this was the right ecision and that Faith would benefit if the pump helped to decrease her tone. Read More

Number 3 - Having A Blast Playing Wheelchair Soccer publish date 3-25-12
I guess after Saturday's wheelchair soccer game in which Faith took part, I could easily see myself as a wheelchair soccer mom. She had such a blast and with the help of a soccer player from the University of Mary, she made some great plays and even scored some goals! Read More

Number 2 - Grandparents From a Distance publish date 8-2-12
Cari, our daughter-in-law, has asked me to write up an article for her blog. Not being a blog-writer myself, this has been something of a new experience for me. I do trust that your reading of this will be worth your while. Read More

Number 1 - Goodbye to Our Special Tomato publish date 6-1-12
Today we said goodbye to our Special Tomato adaptive car seat. And special it was. It helped Faith stay safe and secure in our Hyundai driving her back and forth to therapy appointments, shopping excursions and many other activities. It also helped us through our time of not being able to afford an accessible van. Read More

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