Sunday, March 25, 2012

Having A Blast Playing Wheelchair Soccer

I guess after Saturday's wheelchair soccer game in which Faith took part, I could easily see myself as a wheelchair soccer mom. She had such a blast and with the help of a soccer player from the University of Mary, she made some great plays and even scored some goals! And the faster her helper pushed her chair around up and down the gym, the bigger she smiled. Her dad watched from the sidelines praying her driver wasn't going to crash her into the wall.
Faith goes flying across the gym to help her teammates on the other side
check out the gigantic "soccer ball"
are soccer balls supposed to go up in the air like that?
While it was called wheelchair soccer, it was sort of a toss up between soccer and beach volleyball. The kids couldn't use their feet but instead used their hands and upper body to get the ball up and down the "soccer field." And the ball wasn't a soccer ball, instead it was a huge blow-up beach ball.

The kids were divided according to age and one age group played three games and the other age group played three as well. This gave the chair drivers a chance a take a much-needed rest. Brennan, Faith's driver wasn't too embarrassed to say that this was his cardio workout for the day.

Faith's driver was a real college soccer player! So great of these soccer players from the
University of Mary to volunteer to help the kids play!
This all took place at Centennial Elementary's school gym, which was very convenient for us. We also had our University of Mary students with us who are taking part in the family as trainers program. One is a physical therapy student and the other a nursing student. As usual, we were very impressed by their professionalism and how good they were with Faith.
Faith with her new friends from the University of Mary family mentor program
We're so glad that Dream in Motion is holding these events for kids who have mobility challenges. If it wasn't for them we would never know how much Faith loves wheelchair soccer!

The wheelchair soccer players gathered together at the end and were all told what a great job they did!


  1. We've got to get a pic of Faith and Anthony together next weekend!! :)

  2. Faith is beautiful. What joy you can see in her smile!
    Annette Kaip

  3. I had the pleasure of helping Faith during curling. I'm so glad she's enjoying Dreams In Motion. Hope she comes for dance!!!!
    Jennie Kuller
    PS - LOVE this blog page!

  4. Wow! Your story is very inspiring. It is great to hear that even children who are in wheelchairs, like Faith, are still able to enjoy life by playing soccer.