Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits - Home, Work and School

I really can't believe it is nearing the middle of September already. Time flies though when there is so much going on! It seems that once school starts our schedules go on overdrive!

I am very thankful to report that Faith is really enjoying third grade! She is back to driving her power chair at school and it is nice that her classroom is on the main floor so the only class she takes the elevator for is music. She really loves her teacher and this year she has one new instructional aide and also one new special education teacher. The special education teacher she has had since kindergarten had a baby in the spring so she is only working part-time.
Faith in her third-grade classroom
Unfortunately I was not able to attend her IEP meeting but Rob was able to go and it went pretty well. It is great to know that her principal, teachers, aides and therapists are all working together to help her accomplish her goals for the year.

They are going to focus more on learning through audio rather than visual - she has such great memorization skills when she hears something. Reading is still very challenging and she has not made a lot of progress learning visually. We won't give up on that though and are still praying she will be able to read one day!

Last week she had a doctor's appointment with her pediatrician and I was disappointed to learn that she has actually lost a couple of pounds since trying to feed her more solids and less pediasure. She is so skinny - only weighing 47 pounds. The hard part is she is so tall which makes her look even more skinny. (Part of it is genetics, I know.) Although her pediatrician is not overly worried about her weight, we are going to be trying a different type of enteral formula that contains more protein to see if that helps.

As far as work, I am going to be trying a new schedule next week so that I don't have to be there until 9:00 a.m. I can't believe I am trying this because I used to love my shift when I started work at 7:00 a.m. so I could be home at 4:00.  But I do miss seeing Faith off to school and by going in at 9:00 this will give me the opportunity to see her in the mornings plus it would give Rob the option of driving me to work if he needed the van that day. (Our Hyundai is not very reliable these days.)
Me, Rob and our Supergirl at our church picnic
Rob and I have started going to a small group study at our church (New Life) on Wednesday nights. I like to get involved in a women's Bible study in the fall but I'm so happy me and Rob are doing this together. It's is a video/book series called Relentless: The Power You Need to Never Give Up by John Bevere.

Although the church offers childcare so that couples can attend together, it is great that we have respite care available so that Faith can stay home and get ready for bed. A few other events I am looking forward to is the first Java JOY of the season and the Beth Moore simulcast at First Evangelical Free this Saturday

I know many look forward to football during this time of the year - I don't watch much NFL but I love watching the NDSU Bison football games on TV. I so wish I could go to a game at the Fargodome but the tickets are all sold out for this season. I will be cheering them on from home to win another national championship!

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