Saturday, September 29, 2012

Faith's First Hayride

I honestly didn't know if we were going to make it to the hayride last night. Faith had been having a somewhat tough week again and the medication we were giving her for the bacteria in her tummy was causing Faith to nearly throw up. I canceled Grandma coming for grandparents day because I just wasn't sure Faith was going to be up to it.

Thursday afternoon Rob went to get her early from school and she was able to get some good rest. It helped because Friday she woke up smiley and in a great mood ready for the day. We promised her that next year both Grandma and Grandpa will come to Grandparents Day since they will be living here!

It worked out well for Rob to drive me to work then he and Faith came and picked me up and headed off into the country for Faith's first hayride. When we first told her about the hayride, she exclaimed, "just like Little House on the Prairie!" Well, it wasn't exactly like Little House as the wagon was actually more like a long trailer pulled by a truck instead of horses! And although our ride was very bumpy, it was probably nothing like it was back in those days!

A couple from our church graciously opened up their home to whoever wanted to come out for the hayride. They work with people with disabilities so their home is very wheelchair accessible. They even made getting onto the trailer for the hayride so accessible that a lady in her powerchair was able to come along for the ride!

Before the hayride, we had a wonderful dinner of hamburgers, brats, salads and lot of desserts. Faith could have done without the eating part - although she did eat some crackers and angel food cake - she just wanted to go on the hayride.

It was a rather warm evening with the temperature near 80 degrees. But those who participated in last year's event were thankful for the warmer weather as the year before it was quite chilly and they had to don their winter attire. This year, even after the sun went down, the temperature remained in the upper 60s.

Before getting Faith on the trailer, Rob made sure she was going to be as safe as possible. I held onto her while he wheeled her chair up the makeshift ramp then he and some other guys latched her chair down as tight as they could. Rob then carried Faith up and put her in the chair. She was pretty excited! While she had her chair to sit in, the rest of us bumped along on 900-pound square bales.
Faith enjoying her ride through the country!
As we got going, Faith became more and more tired and was ready to head back home.Eventually it got completely dark and the moon was out beautiful and bright and to her, that meant it was bedtime. Needless to say, we didn't stick around for the campfire.

When we got her home, the first thing she wanted to watch is Little House on the Prairie. We didn't think it was a good idea for her to have her feeding on the bumpy hayride so we had to wait until we got home to do it. She didn't get done until about 10:30 and as I was getting her pajamas on, she was falling asleep. As soon as I laid her in her bed, she fell asleep - it is a rare event for her to fall asleep so quickly!
The hayride reminded Faith of Little House on the Prairie
Unfortunately, I was not able to take very many pictures because my digital camera broke so I can no longer insert a disc. I think The max number of pictures the camera holds is eight. I really wish I could have taken more to capture the whole event.

It was a great experience enjoying time out in the country with Rob and Faith (my two city slickers). We got to pet some dogs, see some kitty cats and cows and go on a hayride through the sunflower fields on a beautiful fall evening. To me, it felt like home and it was a wonderful feeling!

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