Monday, January 31, 2011

Party Girl

Faith had so much fun at her friend's birthday party this past weekend! The party was held at Claire's where Faith and seven other little girls had their nails done (all different colors), and got to wear eye make-up and lip gloss. She loved picking out which colors to wear.

One of the funnest parts of the party was when the girls were getting ready for their "fashion show." They went all around the store to find cool accessories like a long necklace, bracelets, a purse, a hat and glasses. The girls were then able to sport their new look by walking down the "runway" and stopping to pose for pictures. It was too cute!

Afterwards, the girls ate cupcakes and watched Chloe open her gifts. Before the girls left, they were able to pick out something for a value of up to $6.00. Faith picked the pretty, multi-colored long necklace that she wore during the fashion show.

While most moms were not there to watch their daughter having so much fun, I'm glad I was there with Faith not only to help move her around and hold her fingers to get her nails done, but so that I could see first-hand what a great experience this was for her. It was hard for me though, to sort of hang back and let her socialize on her own without me prodding her to answer questions or to talk to the other girls. I know that someday, when Faith is a little more independent, she probably won't want or need me to go to such events with her, but until then, I will be there with her and relish every new experience she has!

Faith's multi-colored nails - the polish was even scented and as an added bonus,
her nails matched her shirt!

Faith checking out her pretty fingernails

Pretty purple eye shadow
Pretty girl!
Faith and friends - totally stylin'!

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  1. Looks like they had a brilliant time! I have a little boy and even he's partial to a bit of nail painting now and again :D