Friday, January 28, 2011

Faith's Dilemma

Faith has a little dilemma. She has two birthday parties tomorrow, both of them around the same times for two little girls in her class. One is going to be like a princess party where the girls get to go to a local jewelry store and get their nails done and get to buy pieces of jewelry. The other is at the bowling alley. Faith would have fun at either of them. It's really too bad she can't swing both parties.

Faith with some friends earlier in the year at a Halloween party

We decided to go with the friend who sent her invitation first, who also happens to be one of Faith's best friends and came to Faith's birthday party. The other little girl though loves Faith too and is so sweet to her and I know Faith loves her back.

How do I feel about this little dilemma? I feel blessed and overjoyed that both little girls think of Faith as their friend and that they want to include her in the celebrations of their lives. At the beginning of the school year, me and a friend prayed so hard for our kids to find good friendships at school. These prayers are being answered and I am so grateful.

I'm truly thankful that Faith's disability doesn't cause her to feel left out and that her friends at school see her first before her disability. It is something I know I will always be concerned about and I pray that as Faith gets older she will continue to have good friends in her life and more of these types of little dilemmas!

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