Friday, January 7, 2011


Faith is growing. It's been two years this month that she has had her current wheelchair and now it's time for some major adjustments. Since first getting her chair, she has probably grown five inches in her trunk alone. She's ready for a new seat and a new backrest and also a new harness.

Another thing she is growing out of is the orthotics she wears on her feet. Soon, she'll be fitted for a new pair but in the meantime, she had some extensions put on so that her toes wouldn't be sticking out of them!

She's also ready for the next size up in diapers, but oops! They don't make anything bigger than a size six so we've been trying out some extra small children's briefs that seem to fit her well. I must say, I would love to see the day she no longer has to wear any type of diaper or brief and this summer might be a good time to see if she can be potty trained. I know of other kids with cp who were trained around 8 years old. Hopefully her muscles will be able to cooperate and will have control in that area. That would be soooooo nice and I know Faith would feel like such a big girl!

Although there are some adjustments that need to be made, I'm so thankful for my growing girl!

Faith at the age of three in her very first chair - her Kid Kart
Faith in her new chair when she was five. Doesn't it look big for her!
Look how big she is in her chair now!

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