Friday, May 7, 2010

An Afternoon at the Spa

Yesterday, I received one of the greatest Mother's Day gifts in all the six years I have been a mother. I enjoyed an afternoon at the spa! Now, this wasn't just an ordinary spa - it was a very special one in which my daughter was the one who was doing the pampering. You see, the spa was held in Faith's classroom and all the mommies (and a few grandmas) were able to enjoy their spa treatments all at the same time.

When I first received my spa appointment, via Faith's folder, I had no idea what to expect. I just knew I couldn't miss it! But then as spa day approached, I received another appointment card informing me to have all polish removed from my toenails and to wear sandals. Now I was really curious - and a bit afraid as I did not want anyone touching my feet! On the morning of my spa appointment, I was sure to wash them really well and put lotion on them. I also shaved my legs for good measure.

When I went to pick up Faith from school that morning, she was saying things like, "now we need the washcloth", "put on the lotion", "get the polish", etc. (She's not good at keeping secrets.) Still though, even with her little hints, I wasn't sure what to expect.

Faith and I arrived back at school at promptly 1:45. She went into the classroom while I waited in the hallway. Then, I, along with two other moms went in for our spa treatment. The kindergarten classroom was transformed into a modern-day spa. There were five different stations with tissue-paper flowers adding a perfect amount of color to the darkened room with the lights down low.

The first station I and my fellow moms went to was the massage station. Each child held a massage instrument in their had and proceeded to massage our backs, necks, arms and shoulders. It felt really good! One of the moms in our station received three times the special treatment as she had all three of her triplets attending to her! Faith did a great job with some extra help from her instructional aide, Mrs. Volk.

Next, we made our way to get facials. The kids took nice, warm washcloths to wash our faces and then applied our makeup. One little boy had lots of fun with the eyeliner! He thought the darker the lines, the cooler it looked. And one little girl got carried away with the blush so her mom's cheeks were extra, extra rosy.

Then it was time for our group to relax and have some refreshments. Yummy wafer cookies with lemon water and of course a little chocolate (which I shared with Faith.) It was a great time to look around the room and see all of the smiles on the mom's faces and the kids having a spectacular time taking care of their moms.

Hair was next. Faith and Mrs. Volk gently combed my hair and Faith decided she wanted to put two pigtails in my hair. She then put a barrette in my hair to clip back some of my curls. Faith thought I looked pretty cute! As did some other moms sporting ponytails on the tops of their heads. Some of the moms had some pretty short hair but those kids were bound and determined to make a ponytail!

Finally, it was time to get my toenails done. This was the part I had been dreading but Mrs. Volk didn't seem to mind touching my feet. And if she didn't mind I guess I was okay with it. Besides, Faith had so much fun helping her paint my nails Miami-Vice pink. Faith had a napkin on her lap so I put my foot up on her lap so she could help paint them. The afternoon wasn't over yet, though!

There was not a dry eye in the room when the kids sang a beautiful little song called, "You are Heart." "You are heart, you are hands, you are the voice of kindness. And who you are, and all you do is a gift to the world." They concluded their program with a song called, "Do I love you? Yes I do" sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." They then proceeded to gave us all homemade Mother's Day cards and pretty tissue-paper flowers and a real flower seeds in a pot for us to plant.

It was a very special and wonderful afternoon, one that I will always remember. It truly was one of the sweetest and most precious times I have had as a mother. And judging from the looks on the other moms faces, they felt the same!

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