Monday, September 7, 2009

People in Our Path

There's a song we used to sing in elementary school called "Up Up With People." Amazingly, I still remember all the lyrics. Up up with people, you meet them wherever you go. Up up with people, they're the best kind of folks you know. If more people were for people all people everywhere, there'd be a lot less people to worry about and a lot more people who care.

I know that since the beginning of our journey of having a daughter with special needs, there have been many people who have been 'for us'. They have wanted what we wanted, the best for Faith.

If I were to begin naming names, I know I would forget someone because there are just so many people that God has put in our path to help Faith grow and develop to the best of her ability. This list includes doctors, therapists, interventionists, teachers, teacher's aides, case managers, caretakers, counselors and even receptionists. Besides, professionals, however, there are also those who have prayed for her incessantly and thanks to those prayers we have witnessed tiny miracles. Then there are those everyday people who come up to her in the grocery and department stores or wherever we are out and about and tell her what a beautiful smile she has. These people really make her day. There is also a local restaurant we often go to where the whole staff gets excited to see her.

I often hear terrible stories of people who have had difficulty navigating through the medical system or who have insurance nightmares. I know of frustrated parents who can't seem to get the help that they need. They go through many trials before finding the right network of people to help them with their special needs child. I have thanked God many times that this has not been the case for us. Since the beginning, when Faith was born at Mayo Clinic she has always had the best of care. The Lord has truly put the right people in our path.

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