Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No More Glasses or Patches

Yesterday Faith had her follow up appointment with her eye doctor after a two-month trial without glasses or eye patching. He seemed quite amazed that Faith's farsightedness had improved and that the muscles in her eyes were working so that her eyes were "lining up."

Faith started wearing glasses when she was two years old for extreme farsightedness and esotropia - which means her eyes tended to wander inward. At that time the eye doctor told us that if glasses and eye patching did not correct this then she would need surgery. It took a while for Faith to get used to wearing her glasses but even when she did get used to them she didn't particularly like wearing them. She didn't mind the eye patch so much since it was just for half and hour a day and that's when we would read her books.

Fast forward to July 2009. Faith lost her glasses. My husband and I think it must have happened while we were outside and she just threw them off without us knowing. The timing wasn't bad since she had to go to the eye doctor anyway and I just assumed she would be getting new ones. Boy was I amazed when he told us she may not need them at all! He then told us we would do a two-month trial with no glasses and no patching to see how she did. None of her therapists nor I myself noticed a difference with or without her glasses.

I really do believe Faith received a healing from the Lord. I can't get over how shocked her eye doctor is about all of this - as if he was not expecting these results, or at least not expecting them so quickly, especially with her esotropia. Something else I find amazing is that we were in Canada for Christmas in December and some family Faith and I had never met came over for a visit. They noticed Faith's eyes turning inward and asked us about it. Just seven months later, her eyes no longer did that.

We do serve an amazing God, one who restores and one who heals. Jesus truly is our Great Physician.

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