Monday, September 28, 2009

A Day in the Country

A dream come true for me as Faith and I enjoying riding a palomino mare named Blondie

Saturday was an absolutely amazing day. Our friend Michelle had told us about a miniature horse ranch that was having a fundraiser for the abused and neglected minis they take in. After having a wonderful time at China Star restaurant where we are friends with a lot of the staff,
Michelle, Faith and I headed out into the country.

The weather was perfect - around 85 degrees with just enough of a breeze to make being outside a little more tolerable. As we drove down the gravel road into the driveway of the ranch we came upon a covered wagon and a team of horses pulling it along. We had to pull over to make way. There were people in the wagon waving to us passers by. It was quite a sight - not one that you see everyday!

As we made our way into where all of the festivities were taking place, I noticed a corral over in the northwest corner offering pony rides. There was a little pony and and a beautiful palomino horse. Would they take me seriously if I got in line with the kids to go on a ride? How I longed to climb up in that saddle.

I lived on my grandpa's farm as a young child and later my family lived out in the country where my grandpa would let us keep a horse of his once in a while. I loved the feeling of being on horseback. As I grew older, the opportunities to ride horse grew less and less and are now almost nonexistent.

After taking a bumpy but fun ride on the wagon and getting some pictures with the team, we made our way over to the corral with the two horses. I was all set to get Faith on the little pony and have me and Michelle hold her upright while the volunteer walked us around in circles. But to my surprise someone asked if I could like to get on the horse with Faith. I climbed up on the horse and Michelle handed Faith up to me. I sat her in front of me in the saddle. I don't know who was more excited - her or me!

While the whole experience filled me with nostalgia, it was a whole new adventure for Faith. Hopefully, somewhere along the way in our journey there will be more opportunities to spend a day in the country, including horseback riding as well.

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