Sunday, February 1, 2015

Saturday Outings

Taking Faith to church on Sunday mornings is my favorite activity of the week but something else I love are our Saturday outings. We normally go to the library and sometimes go shopping at Target (her favorite store). One Saturday we even went to the pet store because she wanted to look at the hamsters. She has made it known that she would like to have a hamster but since I'm not much of a rodent person I'm not too excited about it. Rob and I wondered if we could talk her into a guinea pig instead. For some reason a guinea pig seems less "rodenty"!

Faith is bundled up and ready to roll!
Yesterday, even though the temperature was only in the single digits, she wanted to go to the The Big Event Carnival. It's held every year at the Bismarck Civic Center and is hosted by the area Child Evangelism Fellowship.

We have never gone before because I was never sure if Faith would be able to tolerate so many noisy, crazy kids under one roof. Also, one of the main attractions are those inflatable bouncy things that Faith can't do. But since it was a Saturday and we weren't doing much else, I decided we would check it out. A major bonus was instead of an admission charge, carnival goers were asked to bring a food donation to help those in need.

Faith and D'Ette from the Healing Rooms
There were lots of booths with different games for the kids to play. After they played, the carnival workers (people from local churches and ministries) gave the kids tickets they could redeem for prizes. Everyone was very gracious and cheered for Faith when I helped her shoot a duck or toss a beanie through a hole. She wanted to get her face painted but the line was much too long.

Her favorite part was visiting the Healing Room's "blessing tent." We went inside one of the little tents they had set up and pray with a few volunteers from the team. I think it's great the Healing Rooms was there to pray over and bless the children, some of whom might not go to church. I also thought it was great that as the kids exited the event, they were given a New Testament Bible and a DVD about the story of Jesus.

Faith is excited to find Lola and the Healing Rooms blessing tent!
It was fun and of course now she's asking when we can go again! Hopefully as Spring approaches, there will be many more fun things for us to partake during our Saturday outings!

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