Sunday, October 5, 2014

Meeting Cal and Michelle Pierce of the Healing Rooms in Spokane, WA

It has been a truly amazing weekend! I am feeling tired but have so much peace right now. Today we had the honor of meeting Cal and Michelle Pierce, directors of the Healing Rooms Ministries. They were also the speakers at the Love Unleashed conference held by the Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains.
Me, Rob and Faith with Cal and Michelle Pierce
Yesterday, Rob, Faith and I ventured to the Belle Mehus for a couple of sessions of the conference. We knew it would take some coaxing to get Faith there as she generally isn't too sure about new ventures. It helped she's been to the Belle Mehus before so at least the venue was a little bit familiar to her. 

Faith received a very warm welcome when we arrived. She was happy to see so many volunteers from the Healing Rooms all gathered together at the same time! She also seemed to enjoy the worship. That was familiar to her too since the members of the worship team were from our church!

We were delighted to hear Michelle Pierce speak on Saturday afternoon, the second day of the conference. Faith was laughing right along with everyone else. Michelle is a very funny lady and she is also very sincere and not afraid to tell it like it is!

When we got home from the afternoon session, we were surprised when Faith said she wanted to go back for the last session. After an amazing time of praise and worship, Cal Pierce gave a truth-filled message about how religion has become man's substitute for the Kingdom. 

The best part of the night though was when Cal went throughout the entire auditorium, giving an impartation and anointing everyone who was there! There was lots of laughter and "being happy" as Cal and Michelle went down every row, anointing each of us with oil. Faith had an absolute blast! We didn't get to bed until close to midnight but were super excited about hearing Cal speak at our church the next day!
Bob and Lola Copenhaver, Directors of the Healing Rooms of the Northern Plains
Cal Pierce speaking at the opening session
Monica and Sarah leading the awesome worship!
While Cal was speaking at New Life's celebration service, Michelle came back and asked if she could pray for Faith. Then after Cal was done giving the message, we went forward for more prayer. Cal came over and prayed with us and we got a chance to talk to him. I told him it was an incredible honor to meet him.

I explained to him that it was ten years ago Faith was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. That same week, a friend who was also a pastor, handed us some VHS tapes and told us to take them home and watch them. The tapes were of Cal Pierce's teachings on healing.

Since first seeing those tapes, Rob and I have both been through the Heal the Sick Training at the Healing Rooms. During the classes, we watched Cal Pierce discussing the Biblical truths of healing. We have heard his voice and have seen him on video so much throughout these past ten years that it's almost like we knew him before meeting him in person today.

After the service, Michelle came over and prayed for me and my heart. Both she and Cal are completely genuine and have a strong desire to see the sick healed and the captives set free. It was an amazing experience, one I will truly cherish forever. (I did get a picture of all of us but unfortunately, for some reason it turned out a little blurry!)

To learn more about the Healing Rooms or see if there is one in your community, simply go to their website, International Association of Healing Rooms. You can also read Cal's story about how he came to revive the Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington in his book, Preparing the Way: The Reopening of the John G. Lake Healing Rooms in Spokane, Washington

I find it perfect that I can close out this post with a testimony. All week long Faith seemed to be struggling as if she was fighting off a cold or some sort of infection. She has been feverish, very tired, pale-looking and not her normal, cheery self. I am thankful to say that after all that prayer this weekend, she is seeming more energetic than ever and is looking, feeling and acting like her normal self again!

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