Saturday, October 25, 2014

Counting our Blessings on Faith's 11th Birthday

Faith's birthday always causes me to reflect on the events surrounding her "untimely" birth. Medically speaking, Faith was born eleven weeks prematurely. But when thinking about everything that happened eleven years ago, I'm more inclined than ever to say she was born in God's perfect timing.
Faith wanted to spend a quiet day with her mom and dad for her birthday
I've been working on writing my book, Having Faith. In doing so, I have spent hours pouring over all that took place before and after my daughter was born. Some of the details I had nearly forgotten until I went back to my journals and read my entries.

I arrived in Rochester, Minnesota on Saturday, October 4th. After being there for a couple of weeks without going into preterm labor again, the doctors were actually thinking about sending me back home. I lived in Watford City at the time which is about 700 miles from Rochester. I was waiting to meet with my cardiologist and obstetrician one more time before getting the okay.

It's really scary to think what could have happened had I gone back home. If I would have gone into preterm labor in Watford along with a placental abruption with no experienced medical care nearby, it would have been detrimental to us both.
Cupcakes too!
And now today with much praise and thanksgiving, we got to celebrate Faith's 11th birthday! While our lives have been filled with many challenges, Rob and I are grateful for our "bundle of joy" who makes us both laugh at least once every day!

In our adventures, we have also been learning something new every day. Today I learned not to send my husband to get Faith her birthday cake and ice cream because he'll come back with an ice cream cake plus ice cream cupcakes. Happy eleventh birthday Faith!

Faith getting ready to end her day in new birthday jammies


  1. Happy 11th, Faith! I'm sure you had an awesome birthday with all those treats!

  2. Happy Birthday Faith!!!! You are a true treasure!!!