Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Week

It seems we've been celebrating Valentines Day all week as we spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday making our homemade Valentines boxes and cards. Faith's class had a party today and we had our own "old school" Valentines Day party at work. Faith normally doesn't stay at school on Thursday afternoons so we decided to give her the choice of whether or not she wanted to stay for the class party.

I was a little disappointed when she said she didn't want to stay for it because I don't like her to miss out on doing fun things with her classmates. I do think though that the parties can get a little chaotic (especially with all that sugar intake) and I know it's hard for her to relax in that kind of atmosphere because her startle is constantly kicking in. Still, after dropping her off at school I couldn't help but feel a little sad that she was going to miss out on the party.

We did have fun making the boxes and cards and looking at all our Valentines together this evening after I got home. While she can't eat much of the candy she received, I know she likes the little valentines and she feels good knowing her classmates included her even though she didn't go to the party.
Faith with her Valentine box - made from a real Bruno's Pizza box that they gave us for free!
Our Valentines cards
My Valentine box won third place at work for most creative! I felt like I was in elementary school all over again!
And by the way, in case you're wondering - Rob and I don't usually get anything for Valentines Day because both of our birthdays are this month. We figure we do enough for each other on our birthday! You can read more about that in my HubPages article, Our Valentines Day Tradition.

Also, feel free to check out my other blog, Having Faith. I recently wrote an article about discovering and pursuing your passions in life.

Happy Valentines Day - it's a great day to be reminded of God's love for us!

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