Saturday, April 14, 2012


Faith loves surprising people. There's only one problem - she's not very good at it. She starts giggling and laughing and sort of gives the surprise away. Sometimes when Rob is working in the office, we like to surprise him with cookies. Well, we try to surprise him but he hears us coming down the hallway long before we even get to the door. She yells, "Surprise!" anyway.

Because Faith likes surprises, she was very excited for her uncle Todd's surprise birthday party. Unfortunately it didn't work out that she was there when Todd walked in the room and we all got to yell Surprise! She had been a little nervous beforehand so she and Rob ended up coming a little later. After she warmed up to the new environment, and all the unfamiliar faces, she couldn't wait for us to put the candles on the cake and sing Happy Birthday.

Due to Todd's rigorous rig schedule, we had his party a little early
Todd, Barbara and family
The cake was a huge hit!
Faith helped me count all 35 candles!
Happy Birthday Uncle Todd!
The birthday party was a lot of fun and Todd certainly was surprised. We got to share some time with Barbara's two sisters who also live here and their families and meet some new people as well. It was a big success and Faith is looking forward to trying to surprise someone again - even though she's not very good at it!

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  1. My name is Hollley. I have a little brother who has cerebral palsy. And i was want ing to know what was she in the first picture?