Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Butterfly Ball - Rob and Faith's First Daddy-Daughter Dance

As Rob was putting on his tie, he asked, "how did I get roped into this again?" He was referring to his and Faith's first ever Daddy-Daughter dance. A friend of ours who also has a little girl in a wheelchair has gone for the last four years and has asked Rob in the past if he was going or not. I was so excited when Rob decided to buy tickets for this year's dance called the Butterfly Ball, which is a fundraiser for a local music school.

When we got to the venue, we were a little surprised at how packed it was. Not only were there 299 other dads with their little girls, but there were also moms, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors - all of them taking photos of the dressed up dads and daughters.

What a handsome husband and beautiful daughter!
Rob and Faith with our friends, Tracy and Paige
Most of the dads were sporting suits and ties and most of the 5-12 year-old girls were dressed in mini prom dresses. I'm not sure where you buy a prom dress in a size 6X - apparently somewhere! Some of them even looked like they had just come from the beauty shop and when we arrived, we even saw a limo pulling out of the parking lot.

Neither Rob and Faith wanted to get in the long line for the Grand March so instead we found our friends and got a place to sit. I really wanted to stay the whole time but I also knew this was Rob and Faith's special time together.

I did however stay just long enough for the first dance - Celebrate Good Times, Come On! I thought it was so funny that all the dads were singing along to all the words. Later, I asked Rob what kind of music they played throughout the night and he said mostly music for the dads. I said, "What, no Justin Bieber for the girls?" Rob also said that the few times they played a Michael Jackson song, Faith would ask, "can we go home now?"

Dads and daughters having a ball!
Although Rob and Faith didn't stay for the whole event, we are all glad they went and I was very proud of Rob for taking his little girl to the Butterfly Ball. And I was proud of both of them for actually getting out on the dance floor too! I know it was a very special time for them that they will never forget.

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