Friday, April 8, 2011

A Special Reception

Today at school there was a very special reception held for Faith. All of the first graders came along with their teachers and even the kindergarten teachers were there to join the festivities. There were also other staff at the school who came to eat ice cream and Oreo cookies - a few of Faith's favorites. It was a celebration of sorts held to honor Faith the GABR Star.

We all got to watch the newscasts in which Faith was interviewed. The highlight of the afternoon was when they announced how much money the school had raised that day for GABR. To raise funds, Centennial Elementary had "Hat Day." If you donated money, you got to wear a hat to school.

Some kids dug out their "tooth money" while others grabbed some coins from their piggy banks. And in the end, the students, staff and parents raised a grand total of $1,300 - the most ever raised by Centennial Elementary for GABR. The money was evenly distributed to the four students at Centennial who have teams for the Great American Bike Race - Faith, Jacob, Ashley and Paige.

It was a very special reception. Faith was a little overwhelmed by all of the attention but she still smiled big for the camera! After tomorrow Faith will be done with her star status and maybe, just maybe her schedule will slow down a bit!

By the way if you live in the area, KFYR will be having a live broadcast from the Bike Race between noon and 1:00 p.m. Faith will be on around 12:10. And if you would like to see the interview with Faith at school, you can view it here.

All the first graders were invited to Faith's special reception

Faith and her teacher, Mrs. Reim
Faith visits with her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Steckler who is riding on our team!
Faith with some of her friends
Even Troy from MedEquip who comes to the school to work on Faith's chair dropped by along with Faith's physical therapist, Judy.
Ms. Hall is not only a special education teacher, she is a very special person who does so much for Faith and does a lot to promote GABR at Centennial.

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  1. She is a true star!!! Have fun at the GABR today! :)