Friday, June 18, 2010

What a Wonderful Week!

Every day this week been a great day. Each day has either brought new adventures, fun with friends, good news and even a little reunion of sorts. And on top of all that, Faith has been sleeping well, which is always a huge blessing to our family.

Since last Monday, Faith has been attending a summer school program called Camp Edventure at her school. She goes from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday. The program is six weeks long so she'll get a nice break in August before starting first grade. Her mornings have been busy and this week our afternoons have been busy yet fun-filled as well.

Monday - Faith and I took the long, scenic route, mostly uphill, walking to her friends' house for a playdate. We spent the whole afternoon at their house playing outside in a tub of water filled with toys and her friends showing her worms they had dug up. It was such a beautiful day to be outside and I was so thankful to our friends for sharing their backyard with us! After nearly four hours of playing, our friends walked with us back home which was a great time as well.

Tuesday - Faith had her annual eye exam. At last year's appointment, her optometrist told her she no longer needed glasses, which she had worn since she was two. He had also told us we didn't need to have her wear an eye patch for a half-hour each day because the muscles in her eyes were much improved. I really believed God had healed her vision. So this year I was hoping to hear the same news and we did! She still doesn't need glasses and still doesn't need to wear the eye patch. We are so thankful! We celebrated afterward with a Frosty at Wendy's.

Wednesday - Faith had speech therapy in the afternoon which is usually fun for her as she gets to read or make up stories and do some work on the computer. That evening, her respite care provider (and friend) Michelle, took her to the zoo where the library had a special reading program. There were puppets telling stories and singing songs. Faith really enjoyed it and of course she loves going to the zoo. As soon as they got out of the van, she was telling Michelle all of the animals she wanted to see and pet.

Thursday - Weatherwise it was not such a great day as a windstorm had blown through the night before taking down parts of trees. And in the afternoon there was actually a tornado watch. I had been planning on taking Faith back to the zoo for her friend's birthday party. Though it was windy and the skies were gray, we decided to go for it. Thank goodness the first part of the birthday party was held indoors as we all listened to a torrential rainstorm pound down from inside the building. And when it was time to go outside and see the animals, it was as if God had parted the clouds and allowed the sun to shine just for us! It ended up being the perfect day to be at the zoo!

Friday - This morning while Faith is at school, I am looking forward to a friend and Moms In Touch prayer partner coming over and praying for the kids at Centennial while they are in school for the summer.

This evening Faith is going to be reunited with a former respite care provider, whom we have remained in contact with and have seen from time to time. Kimberly first started working with Faith when Faith was three years old. She has been in another town teaching but is back for the summer and we are all looking forward to Kimberly and Faith spending time together once again.

Thank you Lord, for this wonderful week that has been so full of blessings.

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