Friday, June 4, 2010

A Trip to the Salon

Faith loves getting her hair cut. Well, she may not like the actual cutting part since I have to hold her head down or to the side so her hairdresser can cut where and how she needs to cut. Sometimes she is very squirmy and her head is all over the place, especially when she's talking and excited. She does love getting her hair blow-dried though. But I do think a lot of Faith's excitement about getting her hair cut has to do with  the person who does her hair. Her name is Julie and she's my stylist too.

Julie is sweet, kind, pretty and very talented as well. We found her when Faith's occupational therapist recommended us going to a salon in Mandan. That was Faiths' first haircut at a salon. Rob's parents were in the country so Jean came with us. Faith was so good and the hairdresser did a great job with her. I think she only charged us like $5.00 or something. (Then Jean gave her a $5.00 tip).

I then decided I wanted to get my hair done at the same salon. The lady who cut Faith's hair was unavailable so I agreed to go with Julie - whoever that was. As usual, when getting my hair done by someone new, I was a little nervous. But Julie made me feel right at ease. She mentioned church a couple of times and it seemed she was a Christian. The next time Faith got her hair cut at that salon it was with Julie. It was no problem for them to move the salon chair out of the way and put Faith's wheelchair in it's place. They were so accommodating to Faith's needs. Julie also took special care to cover up as much of Faith's chair as possible so as not to get hair all over her chair.

Julie has since gone out on her own and we have followed her to her new shop. This is probably a good thing - it's nice and private without other people around so Faith can be as loud as she wants. She gets pretty excited when she sees Julie. And after her haircut is all done, Faith makes sure to repeatedly tell Julie she has to sweep all the hair up off of the floor. Faith really does not like messy floors.

Yesterday we cut a couple inches off of Faith's long, thick hair. Hopefully this will make it easier to wash and help it be less snarly. Sometimes as soon as I touch a comb to her hair, she's telling me, "that hurts" and then in the middle of combing her hair she tells me we need to take a break. Rob really doesn't like to hear Faith complaining when I'm combing her hair (I really do try to be gentle) so he always wants to get her hair cut as short as possible. Once he was at Julie's shop and asked Julie, jokingly (I think), to cut off all of Faith's hair. Julie said she would never do that. We are really, truly thankful for such a great stylist!


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