Sunday, June 15, 2014

Best Dad Ever - 10 Years in a Row

It seems to me that God really knew what He was doing when He made Rob Faith's daddy. Ever since Rob first met his tiny little girl in the NICU over ten years ago in Rochester, Minnesota, it was love at first sight. But his love and prayers for her didn't start there - it all started when we first saw the picture of her in my womb and we heard her heartbeat for the first time. He has loved her and prayed fervently for her ever since.
Kangaroo Cares
One of the most wonderful fruits of his prayers for her is her love for Jesus and for others. She truly does love people and makes a point to remember people's names and ask them all sorts of questions about their life because she really is interested. She loves to see photos of people's spouses, babies and even pets. Something else she has a result of her daddy's prayers is her own faith that keeps her strong and keeps her going through the difficult times.
Story Time
Play Time
I love that Faith has an inkling of how much her Heavenly Father loves her because she knows without a doubt how much her earthly father does. I really don't think one day has gone by in her 10 1/2 years when he hasn't told her he loves her. If that weren't enough, he is always showering her with affection and she goes many times throughout her day asking him for a kiss.Yes, of course there are days they push each other's buttons and they might get upset with each other but at the end of the day, Faith can remain confident knowing how much she's loved.
One thing Rob always says he is thankful for is that he has a daughter who laughs a lot and is filled with so much joy. And I am thankful Faith has a daddy who makes us both laugh. Thank you Rob for all you do for both me and Faith. She definitely has had the best dad ever 10 years in a row!
Father's Day 2009
Father's Day 2014

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  1. Loving the photographs, what a wonderful father he is x