Friday, May 30, 2014

Forget Spring, It's Summer!

I think North Dakota forgot all about spring this year and just went right into summer. As our pastor said in church last week, "I guess North Dakota likes quick transitions!" It seriously seemed like one day the ground was still brown, the trees still bare and there wasn't a robin in sight then the next it was like the exact opposite. While everyone was certainly getting tired of old man winter, we sure weren't ready for 90 degrees!
Faith enjoying being outside at Michelle's with her ducks!
Besides it feeling like summer, I am thankful that it really is summer vacation and that Faith is done with school this year! She did so well the first half of fourth grade and somewhere along the way around Christmas vacation she seemed to really be struggling. We chalked it up to her high muscle tone protesting the frigid temperatures.

When it started warming up a little, though there were days she still struggled to get to school. In February she came down with a sinus infection then in May the kids were getting a little more rambunctious than usual so it was harder for her to be around them.
Fun in the sun!
Her last day of school was supposed to be Thursday, May 22nd but due to a snow day in April, the year got extended one more day. On Thursday, she didn't seem to feel well and was protesting going to school but we sent her anyway. That night she came down with a fever of 100.7 degrees and had a very sleepless night. She wanted to go to school on her last day because they were going to the park. Right after watching Wheel of Fortune she said, "Maybe if I go to bed early, I'll wake up and feel all better."

The next morning she still had a pretty high temperature but she still wanted to go to school. When we told her she couldn't go, she started crying. It was pretty sad. I felt bad all day about her missing her last day. We have since gotten over it though and she is very much enjoying her first week of summer vacation!


  1. OH! Sweet little girl who looks to be growing up so fast! I hope we can arrange to see her this summer. It is so busy around here with Scott's wedding in two weeks. We have a mountain of things to accomplish before then.
    This past winter was hard on most everybody the cold was so pentetrating. I know of at least three families leavingthe state because of it. We may not get another one like that in a long time again.
    Faith's radient smile is so warming I hope and pray she keeps that radience through the tough times.
    Blessings to you Cari I am not sure when I will be coming to Bismarck again probably not for awhile now. I shouold come and stay with Paula some weekend but right now the whole month of June is booked and half of July!! Oh then we have a big reception for Scott and Beth in Aug so there goes most of the summer!!
    I am looking forward to slow lazy days whenever they come!
    May He keep you all smiling more and crying less and feeling less pain as the sun shines ever higher in the sky each day!
    Love to you all,
    Betty M

  2. Thanks Betty for your wonderful comment! I pray you get everything done in time for Scott's wedding and that it will truly be a blessed event! I do look forward to you meeting Faith one day when things slow down!