Sunday, October 27, 2013

Birthday Bliss!

Faith's birthday didn't start out so well as the day before she came down with a cold and did not sleep very good two nights in row. She missed Thursday and Friday at school. Friday was her birthday and she had been looking so forward to going. Not only was she going to be doing a special birthday activity at school but it was also her school's fall festival party.

I had serious hesitations about going forward with her birthday party on Saturday but thankfully, she had a good night sleep and felt much better.
Faith celebrates with her mommy, grandma, cousin and aunties
Faith with our dear friend, Joann
We had her party at our apartment building lobby which worked perfectly for the number of guests that showed up. It was so funny because she said when she came downstairs to the lobby, she wanted everyone to say, "Surprise!" Rob left shortly after bringing her down when he discovered it had turned into an all-girl party. (I really didn't plan it that way but none of the guys ended up being able to make it!)

Faith had a fun time visiting, listening to her new praise music cds, laughing at her mom doing the "Father Abraham" dance, eating cupcakes and opening lots of gifts. We were thankful many family members were able to come, friends old and young, a few neighbors and even friends who made the drive from Hazen.

Some friends were only able to stop in for a short time as they were in between weekend activities but we were glad for the presence nonetheless. We also enjoyed getting phone calls from her grandmother and grandfather and aunty Joh in Canada.

Faith getting a live birthday greeting from her uncle Todd who was at work on the rig
Greta and Aubryn left the boys behind in Hazen
Since we had lots of leftover cupcakes, (which were delicious by the way - chocolate with cookies and cream frosting) we called our pastor and told him he wouldn't have to worry about bringing doughnuts to the redefinition cafe service the next morning! Our little church family loved celebrating her birthday weekend with her and even sang Happy Birthday.

After church, the celebration continued as some of our long-time friends came over to visit. Faith isn't so excited to go out and visit others but she sure loves having people over to her place! The last birthday wish of the weekend came from our friend Kimberly in Kansas via SKYPE. Although the connection dropped, we still had a nice visit over the phone.

It was definitely birthday bliss turning 10 years old! 
Peggy always makes Faith laugh!
Faith with Bob and Lola
Faith with Lyle, Peggy and Jeremiah
Us with our 10-year old!

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  1. Has it really been a decade!! Boy how time flies!! Faith you have impacted your own life and the lives of others in ways no one could have imagined 10 years ago. You are an exceptional young girl. Welcome to double digit birthdays! I remember meeting your mom and dad when you were still in the hospital after being born. I can't wait to see how God is gonna continue to use you and how you are gonna impact the world and what you are gonna do with your life. Happy Belated Birthday Faith!!