Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun Times with Friends

These past couple of weeks, we have had lots of fun seeing some wonderful friends we have not seen for awhile.

Our flurry of visits started off when our friend, Brittnee was in town for the Sidewalk Prophets concert. The next day she came over to say hi to Faith and to hand-deliver the gift she bought for Faith when she was in Disney World.

Faith was so happy to see her and of course continues to ask when Brittnee is coming over again.

Another friend who came up to visit drove all the way from Kansas with her husband and her sister. She and her husband got to share with Faith that there is a baby in Kimberly's tummy! We are so happy for them and we know that Kimberly is going to be a great mom! She took such good care of Faith for us when she lived here and it was with Kimberly that Faith started playing with her doll and together they named her Baby Allie.
Faith, Kimberly and Melanie getting baby Allie dressed

Kimberly and Matt with a picture of the baby!
Two of my college roomies were also in town last week. Mary and Keri are both agricultural education teachers in Bowman and Powers Lake, North Dakota. It was fun to get together with them and hear about their many teaching stories! I saw Mary earlier this summer and I was so glad to see her again along with Keri who I haven't seen for about five years.

me, Keri and Mary
Mary and I got thrown together in college at NDSU while living in the dorm, Dinan hall and Keri lived just a couple of doors down. The next year we all got an apartment together.

We had lots of laughs living together and I pretty much survived my first two years of college on their cooking! I really hope we can all get together more often!

Not too long ago, some friends of ours moved from Sidney, Montana to Washburn and we have been planning on driving there to visit them. We did manage to make the 35 mile trip this past Saturday and had a blast seeing them!

I brought some dresses and a coat that Faith had outgrown for Aubryn and Rob managed to round up some Lego for the boys. They are quite an amazing family as Greta home-schools all of them and the older kids are involved in Junior Bible Quiz.
Faith hanging out with the Sago kids in Washburn
Fun with Lego!
To finish off our week of socializing, my brother Todd and his wife Barbara came over and we had a great time listening to them as they shared about their missions trip to Kenya, Africa and showed us over 1,000 amazing photos.

They had some great stories including the bus getting stuck on a dry riverbed bottom and the story about Barbara talking to the animals - the crow that quacked and also the goats.

There were also sad stories too as Barbara hand-fed a little baby who hadn't eaten for two days simply because the family had no food. Their mission had been to build a church for a tribal people living in a village called Korr, outside of Nairobi, Kenya. They accomplished their mission and over 400 people came to the Lord.
A new church being built in Kenya
Now that all of our visiting is over and done with, it's on to the next big event - getting Faith ready for school!

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